Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will you be Naughty in Leather too?

"Naughty in Leather": Blurb
A gang of teenagers is shoplifting from the mall and this day they rob Rhonda’s store, Luxurious Leatherwork. When Scott and Ty come to the store and ask her out to dinner yet again, this time she says yes. She’s decided she wants to see if there’s potential for a three-way relationship. Dinner is wonderful, and sex with them even better.
A few days later the gang of teenagers attacks the jeweler’s window with metal bars. Ty and Scott are terrified for Rhonda and determined to look after her. The men take her home and love her that night, wanting her to know how deeply they care for her.
Ty is offered a promotion at work, but it involves some travel and moving to a new apartment. He’s worried that it will ruin their new relationship, and the gang situation is still not solved.
Can a relationship such as theirs survive?

Story Excerpt

Rhonda turned to look at the doorway when all hell broke loose. A group of teenagers ran past her store into the heart of the mall, carrying what looked like metal bars or long wrenches. She grabbed her paintball and hurried to the doorway, glad for once that she had no customers in the shop. There was the sound of glass breaking, an alarm started to wail, and screams came from farther into the mall. Rhonda could see the kids had smashed the jeweler’s window and were grabbing stuff from the display.
She pulled the metal grill over her doorway and locked it, glad she always wore the key on a wristband while she was at work. Paintball in hand, she stood outside her store and watched. Sue the florist was taking photos, or maybe video, of the kids on her cell phone. Ted and one of the other security guards ran up, and pulled the boys away from the window. The kids lashed out with their weapons and one guard fell to the ground. Two customers joined in the affray, subduing one of the kids and taking his weapon from him.
Sue’s assistant hit another kid on the head with a bucket full of flowers and water. When he fell to the ground she sat on his back. The two kids Rhonda had first noticed turned to run. One was coming straight at her, so Rhonda threw the paintball at him, getting him in the center of the chest. It seemed to upset him and he slowed enough so that she could tackle him to the ground. Taking a lesson from Sue’s helper, she sat on his back, keeping him flat on the floor, even though he tried bouncing his back and butt to get her off.
Customers, the other security guard, and staff were chasing the few remaining teenagers, when the police arrived with sirens and guns. With the loud crack of a warning shot being fired, there was instant silence. Rhonda sat on the back of the kid, who was no longer trying to throw her off, until a police officer came to cuff him. Only then did she notice paramedics wheeling the elderly jeweler out on a gurney, and bandaging Ted’s head.
Rhonda glared at the kid. “If the jeweler dies you’ll be in jail for the rest of your life. I hope you think a few pieces of jewelry were worth it,” she said.

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  1. Hi! Just stopping to show my love, support, and respect for my fellow Evernight peep!

  2. Thank you, Adonis. You're totally awesome.

  3. Oh, I think I am going to be VERY Naughty in Leather!!! SO looking forward to this book, sugar!!

    Stacy Wilson

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  4. Oh Stacy, Leather makes Naughty so much better! I hope you enjoy the story.